Denver 2012


To celebrate my roommate, Jessica’s, birthday we went to Denver!

We got awesome flight deals out of PROVO (best airport EVER) on Frontier and headed off for four days of sightseeing, eating and music.


We headed straight into downtown Denver when we arrived. First stop: Larimer Square for some lunch and shopping.


I love the cute shops all over downtown. They really know how to turn on the charm!


After some meandering we decided to watch some MLB.


The Colorado Rockies lost to the Arizona Diamondbacks, but I still loved it. I love a good baseball game.


Monday we worked out with Jess’ cousins and her “Stroller Strides” group. I am training for a marathon and I was literally dying. Those mommas know how to work it. After such a good work out we stopped at the Moonlight Cafe in Commerce City for some amazing breakfast. Jess had banana bread french toast and I had a Southwestern omelet that was at least as big as my head.


Monday afternoon we browsed a used bookstore, pretended like we had room for all of the pretty books in our suitcase and stopped by Sweet Action ice cream for a treat. I tried Roasted Green Chili, Sour Cream and Chive, Molasses and Pomegranate ice creams. The Molasses and Pomegranate were good. The other ones were just as weird as they sounded.


In the end I ordered Salted Butterscotch and milk chocolate. Delicious.


Finally it was time for the entire reason we went to Denver– the Jason Mraz and Christina Perri concert! The Red Rocks amphitheater is seriously incredible. The sound quality is beyond compare, it’s so pretty to look over Denver and to be outside. I loved it!


We got pretty good seats and chilled until night fell and the concert started.


It was amazing. Christina is a great performer and Jason Mraz is a lyric master.

I was so captivated by Mr. A-Z that I didn’t think to take very many pictures or video. But I did take some of Christina Perri!

Tuesday we slept in, ate delicious gluten free pancakes (well, I did– Jess’ were normal) in the flavors of pineapple upside down cake, peanut butter cup and blueberry at Snooze. AMAZING.

Then we saw the movie “Trouble with the Curve”. Really cute, but I wish Justin Timberlake’s character would have played a bigger part, he was my favorite part.

All in all, a great weekend, I hope Jess had a great birthday. I’m so glad I have good roommates who are also my friends! Happy Birthday, Jess!

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3 thoughts on “Denver 2012

  1. Paige W says:

    That sounds like the best time! I love your descriptions, you make everything sound fun and worthwhile, like I need to do all these things! I have this fear that when I go on vacation someday I won’t enjoy the food enough 🙂

  2. Julie says:

    What a fun trip! I would love to go to Denver! I love your pictures!

  3. Sarah says:

    Wow what a trip!!

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