Mom’s Surprise Weekend a.k.a. Memorial Day

When my dad called and wanted to do something extra special for my mom’s big birthday this year (50!), I was completely on board.

He ended up buying them all plane tickets to fly down here to spend the weekend with me and Ty, Kelli and Tanner in Utah.

What they didn’t know was that we had convinced Cody to drive down from Wyoming too, so it everyone but Kyrk (on a mission) was able to make it.


We had a blast.

Ty and Kelli just moved to Fairvew, UT where Tanner has fallen in love with the wildlife. As long as they are behind a fence and he doesn’t have to touch them.


Cody put his professional tree trimming skills to work and took down a half tree in the Taylor’s front yard.


We made Tanner a house out of the empty boxes from the move.


We surprised my mom with another surprise party for her birthday on Saturday at my house in Provo. I invited all the family close and two of my parents close friends to come down. Both the Buyers (friends from the Navy) and the Andersons (friends from the good ol’ days) came down along with the other Taylor family and cousins. It was awesome because she had no idea and we had PLENTY of food.


Played frisbee golf in the park… got sunburnt… and mosquito bites, but it was fun in the moment!


We took a tour of the new office where Ty’s company is moving. And took a ride around the warehouse.


There is a large part of my heart that loves the country.


Did a lot of relaxing in our PJs.


Tried to get Tanner to try bouldering.

All-in-all, a great weekend. My momma deserved such a long celebration of her birth! Love you, Mom!


2 thoughts on “Mom’s Surprise Weekend a.k.a. Memorial Day

  1. Julie says:

    Thanks so much!! It was a GREAT weekend!! I loved seeing all of you! Thanks for all the celebrations and surprises!!

  2. lora says:

    Dear Kyna,

    What a fun weekend for your family! Your mom looks like a teenager! She is so young and cute!

    I can remember when she was only 10 years old! 🙂

    What a blessing you and all the family are to her!

    What a cute boy that Tanner is! Looks like he enjoyed his new “house”. too!

    Thanks for keeping me in the loop!

    Love reading your blog!

    Love you, too!

    Lora Lee Bailey

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