Di che?

Why, hello world!

Welcome to my corner of the Internet.

It’s not very big yet, but I’ve just started.

Here you’ll find my take on a few topics. None of which do I have any professional certification to comment on- I’m just a regular gal with a lot to say and a hankering to try out this public blogging stuff.

Running: I’ve done everything from middle school cross country to over training for a marathon and getting a stress fracture and plantar fasciatis. I will now attempt to overcome both obstacles. Wish me luck!

Reading: I read to escape. Sometimes– and it’s a very rare sometimes– I read for enlightenment.

Cooking: I like to cook and try new things. They don’t always turn out well- but I don’t care. Its for the fun of it anyway.



One thought on “Di che?

  1. Julie says:

    What a cool blog!

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