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Mom’s Surprise Weekend a.k.a. Memorial Day

When my dad called and wanted to do something extra special for my mom’s big birthday this year (50!), I was completely on board.

He ended up buying them all plane tickets to fly down here to spend the weekend with me and Ty, Kelli and Tanner in Utah.

What they didn’t know was that we had convinced Cody to drive down from Wyoming too, so it everyone but Kyrk (on a mission) was able to make it.


We had a blast.

Ty and Kelli just moved to Fairvew, UT where Tanner has fallen in love with the wildlife. As long as they are behind a fence and he doesn’t have to touch them.


Cody put his professional tree trimming skills to work and took down a half tree in the Taylor’s front yard.


We made Tanner a house out of the empty boxes from the move.


We surprised my mom with another surprise party for her birthday on Saturday at my house in Provo. I invited all the family close and two of my parents close friends to come down. Both the Buyers (friends from the Navy) and the Andersons (friends from the good ol’ days) came down along with the other Taylor family and cousins. It was awesome because she had no idea and we had PLENTY of food.


Played frisbee golf in the park… got sunburnt… and mosquito bites, but it was fun in the moment!


We took a tour of the new office where Ty’s company is moving. And took a ride around the warehouse.


There is a large part of my heart that loves the country.


Did a lot of relaxing in our PJs.


Tried to get Tanner to try bouldering.

All-in-all, a great weekend. My momma deserved such a long celebration of her birth! Love you, Mom!


Christmas 2012

I’m only 3 months behind on blogging. I feel like I’ve really accomplished something with my life.

The Christmas season starts off planning the annual LinkTrust Holiday Jubilee.


We work hard to make this party awesome. This year we had a movie theme and did these cool baskets as party favors for each employee.


We also did an awards show, reminiscent of the Oscars, but much more funny because all of the presenters and awards were inside jokes. These are the two owners of our company receiving their lifetime achievement award.

The party was a blast and it really kicked off the season.

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the plethora of treats that everyone makes only around that time of year. My roommates and I decided that this year we were going to give it a try and make some of our own treats.


My first try at almond roca did not turn out so well.


So we moved on to soft caramels, fudge and butterscotch fudge. They were all successes, and delicious. That butterscotch fudge had ORANGE zest in it. Delicious. If you couldn’t tell, fudge is one of my absolute favorite treats.


I got back on the horse (after going to the store for more butter) and re-did almond roca. This time it totally turned out. I figured out that you just can’t stir it too much or you break the sugar apart.


Making good use of our treadmill, we put all the treats together that night. The next couple of days we delivered them to visiting teachees and friends.


Then my family drove down! I tried to think of fun things for us to eat and I saw these little penguins on Pinterest. So we made them! They were easy and fun, and pretty tasty too!


Christmas Eve we read the Christmas story, no re-enactment this year with the kids being just Ryan and me.

IMG_1473 IMG_1475
familytree kynamorning

Christmas morning was great, we got to talk to Kyrk on his mission in San Antonio, Texas. We got to skype with Cody and Ty and Kelli.


I know my house is not the most comfortable for guests, but I loved having my family here. It was so much fun to hang out and relax, eat good food and just be lazy together. Especially my dad. He’s so great and when we’re at their house he’s so busy he never gets a chance to relax, so I hope he did while he was here.


My parents went to pick up my nephew when Ty and Kelli were heading out for the trip of a lifetime to visit Ty’s mission in Guatemala. While he was here my mom and I accidentally wore the exact same outfit. 🙂 I guess she raised me well.


It was fun to hang out with my baby brother. Who isn’t so much like a baby anymore. He’s huge. And I think he’s not done growing. He’s also pretty cool too. It’s fun to be able to hang out and like similar things — although I’m not into Skyrim quite yet. 🙂

IMG_1486 IMG_1487

While they were here we had my Uncle Craig and Aunt Liz and their kids over for dinner. It was a tight squeeze but we made it!

The entire holiday was a great success!

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Thanksgiving 2012

I got to spend Thanksgiving at my parent’s house and I apparently am really bad at taking pictures with the family! Too much food to eat I guess.

After my marathon, I had a couple of days to chill at home and then my mom and I spent a day doing girl stuff before I had to head to the airport.


We got pedicures and it was amazing, they even did a hot rock massage on my feet.


We took a ferry in to downtown Seattle and it was awesome. I love ferries.


We walked along the pier, ate some seafood, browsed the Pike Place shops and window shopped for hours. I love all the stores down there and going with my mom was a blast!


When I got back to Utah it was time to decorate for Christmas! I had a hot date with a cute boy. Tanner helped me put up Christmas decorations and we just had a lot of fun playing. I know I’m biased, but I think I probably have the cutest nephew out there.

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A best friend’s wedding

I’ve been lucky enough to go to all of my college roommate’s weddings. The most recent one was for Cami, a girl who is as different from me as our hometowns. She grew up outside of L.A. I grew up in the country, Moses Lake, WA to Sundance, WY.

In the end, I think it’s our differences that have made us such great friends. And I was so happy to see her celebrate her special day.

She met a great guy and in November they decided to tie the knot. The got married Nov. 17 and so I got to spend my birthday in some what warm southern California, decorating and finishing up last minute details for her reception the next day.


Even in November they had fantastic weather and a beautiful sealing. I absolutely approve of her husband, Devan is thoughtful and considerate and makes Cami so happy.


I’m so glad I got to be there.


One of the best parts of the weekend was getting to hang out with my good friend, Mara. She was also on our freshman floor in Deseret Towers and I’m so glad we’re still friends 10 years later!! We’re actually planning a reunion for next summer for all the freshman girls!


Happy Wedding, Cami and Devan!

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Denver 2012


To celebrate my roommate, Jessica’s, birthday we went to Denver!

We got awesome flight deals out of PROVO (best airport EVER) on Frontier and headed off for four days of sightseeing, eating and music.


We headed straight into downtown Denver when we arrived. First stop: Larimer Square for some lunch and shopping.


I love the cute shops all over downtown. They really know how to turn on the charm!


After some meandering we decided to watch some MLB.


The Colorado Rockies lost to the Arizona Diamondbacks, but I still loved it. I love a good baseball game.


Monday we worked out with Jess’ cousins and her “Stroller Strides” group. I am training for a marathon and I was literally dying. Those mommas know how to work it. After such a good work out we stopped at the Moonlight Cafe in Commerce City for some amazing breakfast. Jess had banana bread french toast and I had a Southwestern omelet that was at least as big as my head.


Monday afternoon we browsed a used bookstore, pretended like we had room for all of the pretty books in our suitcase and stopped by Sweet Action ice cream for a treat. I tried Roasted Green Chili, Sour Cream and Chive, Molasses and Pomegranate ice creams. The Molasses and Pomegranate were good. The other ones were just as weird as they sounded.


In the end I ordered Salted Butterscotch and milk chocolate. Delicious.


Finally it was time for the entire reason we went to Denver– the Jason Mraz and Christina Perri concert! The Red Rocks amphitheater is seriously incredible. The sound quality is beyond compare, it’s so pretty to look over Denver and to be outside. I loved it!


We got pretty good seats and chilled until night fell and the concert started.


It was amazing. Christina is a great performer and Jason Mraz is a lyric master.

I was so captivated by Mr. A-Z that I didn’t think to take very many pictures or video. But I did take some of Christina Perri!

Tuesday we slept in, ate delicious gluten free pancakes (well, I did– Jess’ were normal) in the flavors of pineapple upside down cake, peanut butter cup and blueberry at Snooze. AMAZING.

Then we saw the movie “Trouble with the Curve”. Really cute, but I wish Justin Timberlake’s character would have played a bigger part, he was my favorite part.

All in all, a great weekend, I hope Jess had a great birthday. I’m so glad I have good roommates who are also my friends! Happy Birthday, Jess!

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Lovely Valentines

I had a fantastic Valentine’s Day this year!

I got to spend time with one of my favorite cousins- Sarah- before she went into the MTC the next day.

The Taylor’s and Swifts came down to visit and I loved having so much family so close!

I also got LOTS of chocolate.

Visiting teaching peeps, anonymous drop offs and my fantastic roommate!


This is the story that came with that overflowing basket of cocoa and sugar.

“Once upon a time in a land not so far away lived a SWEETART of a princess. But all was not well within her kingdom. She was trying to find her MR. GOODBAR. She had been courted by a BIG HUNK and a JOLLY RANCHER, but no one had made her heart leap for ALMOND JOY. One day the princess CRUNCHed her car and all her subjects were SNICKERing. Then along came a HOT TAMALE that fixed it GOOD AND PLENTY- What a LIFE SAVER! Her heart played a SYMPHONY every time he came around. While courting they loved to dance the CHARLESTON and he was EXTRA sweet when he told her she looked like a 100 GRAND. SKOR!! Soon after a RING POP on her BUTTERFINGER. The STARBURST as they rode away into the MILKY WAY.”

Isn’t she so sweet and creative? I love Chelsie!

I understand the reasons why people get sad on Valentine’s Day but I’ve come to see it as a day to celebrate love, of all kinds!

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Merry Christmas 2011

I got to go to Washington again for Christmas this year.

I absolutely love visiting that beautiful green wonderland with my very favorite people in the world.


This little guy might be one of my favorite people too and I’m just getting to know him! 🙂

My mom treated Kelli and me to see the Nutcracker performed by the Pacific Northwest ballet. I loved being able to spend time with the girls!


It was a beautiful production. The rat king took my breath away! The set was done by Maurice Sendak of “Where the Wild Things Are” fame.

That night we got a visit from my grandma who got to meet her little great-grandson!


We spent time eating, cooking, playing games, watching movies and shopping.

I also convinced my entire family to run a 5k on Christmas Eve with me.


Everyone was such a good sport! Even the “non-running” Mom and the amazing lady who just barely had a baby! I no longer have any excuses to not exercise.


Kyrk is definitely the fastest runner in our family right now. I have decided I need to get serious about my training and really get in the swing of things again- give him a run for his money!


I thought it’d be fun to wear matching t-shirts so I made some with a little iconic imagery involved. We were the Running Ninja Taylors instead of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- I think the Taylors would have been able to take the Turtles any day.


This guy is so fast he ended up running a 10k when we all only ran the 5k!


Best support group EVER. Love this man- best example of a righteous man I’ve ever known.


These two really know how to make a picture look good. Well, Kelli does anyway.


Ryan got picture shy- but he kept up with Ty for the entire 5k! Impressive.


Last Christmas I took a picture of my mom at this very Wendy’s and she claimed it wasn’t flattering. This one redeems it I think.


What do you get when the boys decorate the gingerbread house? A band of cinnamon bears breaking in through the chimney, of course.

Christmas morning was a lot of fun, we even got to FaceTime with Cody while he was in Wyoming.


He called exactly when it would have been his time to open presents! Great coincidence!

I got some awesome gifts and I’ve already used a few of them!

We were lucky to have Ty and Kelli spend Christmas in Washington this year but we definitely missed Cody!

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Welcome to the World!

My brother and sister-in-law, Ty and Kelli, blessed their baby, Tanner on October 9, 2011 and most of the family got to be there for it. I know everyone says it, but I think Tanner is probably one of the cutest babies of all time. Check out these pictures if you don’t believe me:

Taylor Family w Tanner

The Taylor Family with the newest addition- Tanner! (We missed Cody!)

And the man of the hour was for the most part alert and happy. I can’t really believe how alert he was, but I don’t really know that much about how alert is a normal level of alertness.
Tanner Taylor

Here he is! Tanner Taylor- 3 weeks old!

We got to spend Saturday hanging out with the entire family, going to the park, feeding the ducks and playing some friendly two-hand touch.

Anyone know why ducks get these little "ears"?

Kyrk and Chris (Kelli’s brother) decided to go all out and try the Big Jud’s challenge and ordered the 1lb Hickory Burger. Kyrk got part way and had to give in as you can see below. Chris got his picture added to the many other crazy people who actually finished that much meat!

I love Tanner’s face in this one. He’s like- who are these strange people holding me???

Good thing Rexburg is only a few hours away, I need to practice being an aunt more often!

Welcome to the world, Tanner Abram!

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"So, this is Christmas…"

2 weeks of pure bliss. Washington hasn’t been my home for almost 10 years now. But I still consider every vacation that I take there, “going home”.It might be because of this cute, tired face I see on Christmas mornings in Washington.
Or because on lazy afternoons I can go into the living room on Heavenly Lane (really, that’s my parent’s street) and find this.
The dinner tables are full of faces like these in Washington at Christmas time.
If you head out to the shed on Christmas morning, you might catch these lovebirds, but only if you’re in Washington.
This guy, who really is SOO tall, is still in Washington. But only for another year!
I get to sit in comfortable chairs in the pre-dawn hours and watch my family open presents.
And later, I get to put my feet up. Literally.
When the relaxing is done, I get to make him work. Or pretend to.
First thing I did on the New Year? Go on a motorcycle ride with my Dad. Awesome and frigid way to bring in 2011!
Mainly awesome because my dad is hilarious. Ask him sometime about blaming things on little girls.
It was a Merry, Merry Christmas in Washington and I’m so glad I could go!

P.S. Missed these lovebirds, but loved talking to them over the vacation! They got to be all warm and toasty in Las Vegas while we froze… in Washington. 🙂


Thanksgiving 2010

I got to go to Moses Lake for Thanksgiving again and I loved it. Enjoy the picture collage of some of our activities, particularly the Turkey Trot.
I love my family and that they are so willing to be silly and participate in my hair-brained ideas!
I wish we all lived closer so we could hang out more often! Or we all owned jets.
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