Seattle Ghost Marathon

When my friend, Melinda, convinced me to try cross country at McLoughlin Junior High about 15 years ago I doubt she knew she would be affecting my life this much. I gave cross country a shot that hot day on the track in 7th grade and I’ve inconsistently been a runner ever since. I don’t … Continue reading Seattle Ghost Marathon

Dirty Dash Recap

I’m starting to treat my blog like my journal. Not in that I put my innermost feelings here — I’m not that exposed yet. Just that I always tell myself I’ll post/write more often. And then months go by. With that said, here are some pics from the Dirty Dash. Probably one of the most … Continue reading Dirty Dash Recap

Color Me Rad Recap

We started the race off running (odd for a race — normally there are so many people that you can’t run from the start line)… But then as we hit the color stations it got incredibly backed up and we had to walk through. Thank goodness for the sunglasses!! We had a ton of people … Continue reading Color Me Rad Recap