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Heslop Family Reunion 2013


The last week in July my mom’s side of the family, the Heslops, all gathered in Moses Lake, WA at the farmhouse for a reunion. Kelli, Tanner and I drove up late Thursday night. We woke up to the sound of four wheeler engines and Tanner immediately had to get on and go for a ride with grandpa.


We explored around the farm house, reminiscing about all the memories we had from years ago. I found the concrete imprint of my mom’s hand when she was 10 years old and they poured their driveway. My hand is exactly the same size as my mom’s 10 year old hand.


We did a little white washing. It was fun to get to see my Uncle Brent and get to know him better.


After white washing in the sun it got so hot we headed up to Lybbert’s pond to swim. I love swimming in that pond. It feels cleaner to me than any pool and with a rope swing, diving board and raft, it’s much more fun!


We all wore matching shirts on Saturday with a John Deere tractor because that is what helped all the farm work get done all the years my grandparents farmed.


Saturday morning we had to get out the guns and go shooting. Any excuse for my dad to try out his guns. 🙂 I knocked down two targets at once! I wish I could say it was because I’m such a crack shot. I don’t even know how it happened, but everyone was impressed.


Ryan took his turn and so did Uncle Robert. You can tell that Robert had been there a few times — he hit a target every time he shot!


I learned how to drive a four wheeler for the first time. And I pretty much fell in love. It was so beautiful out there driving along the canals and fields.


Kelli took Tanner on a ride to see some tractors hanging out in a shed — and he was in heaven!! We wanted him to pose for this picture to recreate one like his dad has.

edited Ty in tractor tire

That was the best we got because then he was off exploring all the other tractors around!


If I get a chance I’ll have to upload the video of Tanner looking at the tractors.


On the way back to the house Kelli ran her four wheeler out of gas because she has such a lead foot. So I took Tanner back and luckily the four wheeler my mom was driving had a rope on it to tow her back. You can never take that girl anywhere.


I didn’t get Orlene in the picture, but these are the Heslop kids just eating some Strawberry Yum Yum one afternoon.


Tanner missed his dad, so he had to talk to him on the phone. Just like a little adult.


And the reason we all got together was to visit my Grandma. We had a delicious dinner at Chicos pizza in Moses Lake where several of the old farm hands came and told stories about working on the farm and we all got a little John Deere to keep.


I love being in the country. The last morning, this is the sunrise I saw as we were packing up everything to head back to real life. I’m so glad I went!

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Thanksgiving 2012

I got to spend Thanksgiving at my parent’s house and I apparently am really bad at taking pictures with the family! Too much food to eat I guess.

After my marathon, I had a couple of days to chill at home and then my mom and I spent a day doing girl stuff before I had to head to the airport.


We got pedicures and it was amazing, they even did a hot rock massage on my feet.


We took a ferry in to downtown Seattle and it was awesome. I love ferries.


We walked along the pier, ate some seafood, browsed the Pike Place shops and window shopped for hours. I love all the stores down there and going with my mom was a blast!


When I got back to Utah it was time to decorate for Christmas! I had a hot date with a cute boy. Tanner helped me put up Christmas decorations and we just had a lot of fun playing. I know I’m biased, but I think I probably have the cutest nephew out there.

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Kyrk’s Graduation

The reason I went to Washington was to celebrate Kyrk’s graduation!

I can’t believe my little brother is old enough to be done with high school. He’s so excited to start college at BYU-I this fall, it’s all he talks about. Literally.

He’s really grown up a lot (insert tall joke here) and is quickly becoming a man. I can’t wait to see what he does on a mission.

Love you, Kyrk!

Hiking in Washington

Living on the Olympic peninsula, my parents enjoy the outdoors from their backyard, but nearby hikes are really cool.

This tree was 14 feet in diameter!

Big enough for me to get inside of it- along with all of my brothers- at the same time!

Spring Seattle Trip

I love Pike Street Market, it’s one of the few places that I can go and be surrounded by crowds and not get overwhelmed by the all the people.

Especially when I’m there with my momma. I got to spend an entire day roaming around Seattle with her at the beginning of June. It was one of the legendary, beautiful Seattle summer days with sun and clear skies.

There is an entire wall covered in people’s used gum. The city has allowed it to stay that way and there is gum there from the early 1900s. Can you believe it?

Nah… I’m just kidding, I don’t care how old it is, it’s still gross and weirdly cool. You’ll have to find it next time you’re in Seattle.

You have to do some shopping while at the Pike Street market, some people like the fresh fish, this time I went for the used books, the pasta and the flowers.

That was just the beginning of my trip home, where although I’ve lived there for a total of 4 months, it still feels more like home than Provo does. (and ever will???)

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