Marathon Thoughts

After my 10-miler on Saturday I’m starting to wonder if this is more true than funny… I’m shooting for a marathon in November. I’m waiting to sign up until I do a 15-miler and make sure my feet can do it. (15 miles is where I got hurt 2 years ago so I’m a little nervous about it.) If I do, I’m planning on the Ghost of Seattle marathon 2 days after Thanksgiving. Wish me luck!

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these streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will insipire you, let’s hear it for New York

What would a trip to New York be without eating some fantastic food?!


I don’t have a picture of our first meal at Cafe Habana, I ate too quickly to even think about it. It was delicious though. The second night we took a trip over the ocean to Eataly and had a delicious plate of salami and cheese. I was in heaven. I could eat salamis and cheese every meal and be a happy person. My stomach might not be, but my tongue sure would!


Saturday for lunch I grabbed a pupusa from a food truck in Red Hook in Brooklyn (right by Ikea, conveniently.) They had this delicious drink that I had tasted when my brother brought some back from his mission in Guatemala. I think it’s called Jasmine. Or rose something. I can’t remember, but it’s delish!


For dessert one night we got ice cream and mini pies from this southern style restaurant. I love that you can get fancy Italian, turn the corner, walk by an Indian restaurant where spices spill out the door and stop for some good southern home cooking on the next corner.


Of course, the famous Halal guys by the Hilton were there every night. We didn’t get any at night this trip though, and I thought we almost wouldn’t get any at all… we did though. It seems we can’t go a trip without it.


I tried a gluten-free burger at the 5 Napkin Burger and wasn’t too impressed. It was fun to be able to eat a burger normally, but… I think I just want a bun to taste like a bun. And not get soggy. The meat was very tasty though.


We made a trip to the original Magnolia Bakery and it was well worth the travel. Key Lime cheesecake and banana cream pudding. YUM.


We also tried out Holey Cream. They make donut ice cream sandwiches. Carol-Lyn tried one and said that it was okay — the doughnuts are a little dry. I had some of their house-made ice cream and it was delicous!


I didn’t buy anything from F.A.O. Schwartz but it sure was tempting! They had so many fun candies from years ago that I don’t see in stores any more. One example? A huge bag of Pop-Rocks. Insane fun.


We ended our trip by grabbing a halal dish to share and it was delicious. Although the cab ride to the airport immediately following left me so sick to my stomach I wished I hadn’t eaten anything.

New York knows food. I can see why people don’t really cook while living there, restaurants are more accessible than grocery stores.

What is your favorite way to experience a city? How do you find new restaurants to eat at when you travel? Do you try new restaurants in the city where you live?

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These vagabond shoes. They are longing to stray.


The show went really well! Everybody loved the graphic that we used this summer for our “Summer of Love”, it was a lot of fun to play off the ’60s groovy theme.


One evening we took a cab ride and our cabbie pointed out this friendly pedestrian crossing the street in front of us.

Oh, New York.


I took a run through Central Park one morning and it was a lot of fun to get out and stretch my legs, but it was so humid I thought I might die. I was so sweaty, it was incredibly unattractive I’m sure.


Once the show was over we had a couple of days to play. And play we did. We started off going to the Natural History Museum. All I wanted to do was quote “Night at the Smithsonian” the entire time. I also got to see a replica of the famous, world-ending calendar. Not that I could read it.


I touched a real dinosaur egg!


The dinosaurs are pretty cool. I can’t imagine what we would do if they still lived on the earth.


We then got caught in the rain.


Again and again. It poured all day. But we spent the remainder of the day inside watching plays!


Our first play was “Bring it On” — yep. Like the movie in all of it’s high school drama glory. I loved it. The audience was totally into the play and it was so funny, and even though the majority of the cast was brand new to Broadway they were really good!


We watched Evita at night, starring Ricky Martin. That’s right. Ricky Martin is living la vida loca in the starring role in Evita. Seriously impressive. He’s got great stage presence and there were some really cool sets and scenes in the show.


Our last day in New York we went shopping. We browsed the design store of the MoMMa and they had some really cool stuff in there. This purse was made out of a keyboard! I also got to walk down Fifth Avenue and see all of the swanky stores there. Of course, I only actually shopped at UniQlo (sp?) which had prices that were more in my price range!

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concrete jungle where dreams are made

I never thought I’d say this, but I just got back from one of the most fun work trips ever!

The lead up to this trip was a bit stressful, but it was all worth it in the end.


We started the trip off with a stunning sunrise. We left Provo at 5:45 a.m. to make it to the airport in time to park the car and get through security.


We were on time, but our flight wasn’t. So we sat down and ate breakfast at the restaurant near our gate. I’d always wanted to do that but never had the time!


Made it on to the flight and got a good nap in after the early morning.


We got brave on the way in to the city from the airport and tried some street fruit. Anyone know what this is? It was good, very large pit, but like a cross between a grape and a mango.


When we got to our hotel there was some chocolate waiting for us. Sadly, it wasn’t that delicious. I don’t know if white chocolate ever is.


After we got settled into our hotel we went to meet up with my two favorite New Yorkers– Roxanne and Sam!

We went to dinner at the most delicious place, Cafe Habana. It was tiny and adorable and so good. I wish Roxy and Sam lived close still, but at least I get to see them every once in a while!


You see some of the most random things in New York. Including a bicycle turned into a stylin’ Cadillac.

Saturday morning we got up early and headed off to Ikea.


We fit all of this in a Jeep Liberty– after we made a trip back to the hotel to drop off the couch we bought first.


We loved the corn we got the night before at Cafe Habana so we got it again at the food trucks in Red Hook near Ikea.


After we got everything we needed at Ikea we headed back across the Manhattan bridge. We had it all to ourselves and we realized it was because we ended up in the busy traffic and it took us more than an hour to get back to our hotel.


That night we decided to try out Eataly to indulge my Italian obsession. The cheese and meat platter was beyond delizioso!


Sunday morning we set up the booth and took a walk through the Meet Market.


Sunday night we took a stroll. New York is a city you must see at night.
The rest of my trip in another post — I think this one is long enough!

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Elder Kyrkie is OFF!

I can’t believe my second-to-youngest-tallest-little brother is on his mission.

Kyrkie is now Elder Taylor in the MTC learning Spanish and getting all ready to go to San Antonio, Texas.

He is SO excited!

When I picked him up from the airport he literally could NOT stop talking.


We went to sushi for lunch before I dropped him off and it was so much fun to sit there and talk about missions and the gospel and feel the excitement of knowing that you are doing exactly the right thing.

We skyped with our parents for a second so they could say goodbye and then he stopped talking.


I think he got a little bit nervous when he realized it was about to really happen.

He took his last nap for the next 2 years in my car and then we headed off to the Provo Temple to take a couple of pictures.

Hard to do when one person is 6’4″ and the other is 5’2″.


Look at my little missionary all growed up!

We walked back to the car and we drove into the MTC. I’m getting good at dropping people off here!

He remembered to give me a hug and I got all teary-eyed and told him it was because mom wasn’t there to cry. 🙂

He was so excited and just ready to go. He even left with his cell phone still in his pocket. Oops.

Write him soon!


Elder Kyrk Taylor
MTC Mailbox 317
TX- SAN 1010
2005N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604

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Family Reunion Time!

2 Family reunions in one month made for a lot of travel, a lot of food and a LOT of fun!

The beginning of July I drove to Moses Lake, WA for my Grandma J’s surprise 80th birthday party.

We pulled in at 2 a.m. and got to wake up at 4 thanks to this little guy. We did get to camp and it was the first time I’ve gone camping all summer so I loved being able to spend tons of time outside. Even though it was REALLY hot!


Everyone loves my Grandma J and you can just see why– she’s so pretty in pink here!

Along with the eating, game playing and swimming and my first time on a jet ski we had a party for all of my Grandma’s family and friends. And my beautiful momma planned the cutest decorations and treats!


It was a huge success!








Nephew — almost WALKING


More cousins!

We all headed back to our respective homes for about a week before my immediate family all gathered in Idaho!


We gathered together because my little brother, Kyrk will be leaving on his mission for the LDS church to San Antonio, Texas on August 8!


Lava Hot Springs, ID was the perfect place to gather for some relaxation and big laughs. We spent time at the water park where the boys tested their bravery jumping off the highest platforms. I tested my bravery by going on the scary slide. I could barely handle it. I am a chicken.


I loved getting to see Cody and meet his girlfriend, Kaitlin. They are so cute together!


Kaitlin pointed out the classy lamp shades to me that we had in our hotel covering the light fixtures. It was a really fun place to stay and had plenty of room for all of us… but I do think I have better taste in decorating than the owners. 🙂

I loved getting to see all of my family in one place. And getting some sun and relaxation!

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Summa Summa 2012

This summer is the hottest on record… or so they say. I totally believe it. Taking advantage of the weather, I’ve been doing as many things outside as I can. Here are a few pictures!

Pleasant Grove Strawberry Days Rodeo


We had almost 40 people from the ward go — I love seeing so many people I like in one place!



We had some true die-hard fans dress up.



I knocked a water bottle through the bleachers into the steer pen below us.


They had motor cross racers do tricks before the bull riding. Impressive!

Provo YSA Stake Triathlon 2012

My friend and I had matchy-matchy shoes!


My team, the JKS.


We definitely had fun but we were not the fastest. Training to do the bike portion of this tri made me SERIOUSLY consider getting my own road bike. It might have to be my next purchase!

Dirty Dash Recap

I’m starting to treat my blog like my journal. Not in that I put my innermost feelings here — I’m not that exposed yet. Just that I always tell myself I’ll post/write more often. And then months go by.

With that said, here are some pics from the Dirty Dash.


Probably one of the most fun and grueling races I’ve ever done — counting my half marathons.


You START the race running up a hill full of mud. And you’re pretty dang tired by the time you slip your way to the top. But then there’s a rope net to climb over.


The rope net turns out to be child’s play compared to the wooden walls. I had to have help over the tallest of them and ended up kicking my teammate full on in the face. Full on.


After you make it through the mud trenches and the freezing water spraying over the course (I fell down while just standing and waiting to go over a wall it was so slippery from the water spray), you run through the stinkiest lake you’ll ever find.

Then you try to do the monkey bars. Ever tried doing monkey bars when your feet are mud bricks that have now dried? Dare you.


The second-to-last obstacle is the water slide. Definitely awesome. Definitely dangerous — someone broke their ankle they landed so fast!


Then you wade through two giant mud puddles to cross the finish line.


As a team of course.


We haven’t signed up for another race, but we’re thinking we might travel to the next one and make a weekend out of it!

Color Me Rad Recap


We started the race off running (odd for a race — normally there are so many people that you can’t run from the start line)…


But then as we hit the color stations it got incredibly backed up and we had to walk through.

Thank goodness for the sunglasses!!

We had a ton of people run this race with us and it was a blast! We made white shirts with our team name and last names on them… but it seemed like EVERYONE else had as well.

It was pretty difficult to find everyone (with all 6,000 runners wearing white) but we eventually did.


The morning was chilly but not freezing even though the race was the end of April.


We lost a few of our team members as we ran, it was difficult to dodge all of the people who were just walking the race, but we met up with them at the end.


The finish line consisted of people throwing all of the chalk into the air at the same time. The color cloud it made was amazing! Really hard to see and really hard to breathe, but really fun!

And, I have the best pit stains ever from that race. The color was wet spray, not just chalk and they seemed to hit me right in the armpits. Now that I’ve washed my shirt a couple of times I have yellow/green pit stains that are huge. I’m really classy.

Running through the pain

More than a year ago I got a stress fracture from overtraining and essentially quit running for a year. I have done 2 or 3 miles here or there, but nothing serious and no races until the 5k with my family for Christmas.

With the races that I just signed up for looming nearer and nearer, I have gotten much more diligent and I am trying to get back into running, but it’s painful.

It’s painful because my foot still hurts.

Some runs it is worse than others and some runs (the ones I crave) I don’t feel it at all. Yesterday I did 3 miles and it was windy and my foot started hurting badly enough that I started favoring it. Enough to give myself knee pain and then hip pain because I was favoring it so badly. (Yes, I am using my blog to complain- you didn’t have to read it.)

It’s also painful because I remember the ease with which I was running when I got injured.

I barely did 3 miles at a 12 minute mile pace yesterday, I wasn’t dead at the end but I don’t know how much more I could have pulled off. I think back to the time when I could whip out 3 miles at a 7:30 minute pace (just over a year ago now) and it almost makes me want to give up.

I think part of the reason my run yesterday was so painful is that the weather changed today, it has been sunny and beautiful and today the rain clouds came in, it started pouring and the weather app on my phone says it will be dreary like this until Sunday.

(Side note: I found this pirate picture from a Google Images search and it’s on a blog post about how to fool court-ordered monitoring. Hilarious.)

I now believe all those stories about pirates with wooden legs and old people who say they can feel a storm coming in their joints. I can too! I’m sure there is a scientific reason behind this effect, but I wish it weren’t the case.

I always tell my friends when they complain about hating running or how they just “aren’t runners” that you have to give it a solid month of regular running before you can tell if you are going to enjoy running. I have been trying steadily again for about 2.5 weeks. I’m already enjoying it more, I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring.

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