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Christmas 2012

I’m only 3 months behind on blogging. I feel like I’ve really accomplished something with my life.

The Christmas season starts off planning the annual LinkTrust Holiday Jubilee.


We work hard to make this party awesome. This year we had a movie theme and did these cool baskets as party favors for each employee.


We also did an awards show, reminiscent of the Oscars, but much more funny because all of the presenters and awards were inside jokes. These are the two owners of our company receiving their lifetime achievement award.

The party was a blast and it really kicked off the season.

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the plethora of treats that everyone makes only around that time of year. My roommates and I decided that this year we were going to give it a try and make some of our own treats.


My first try at almond roca did not turn out so well.


So we moved on to soft caramels, fudge and butterscotch fudge. They were all successes, and delicious. That butterscotch fudge had ORANGE zest in it. Delicious. If you couldn’t tell, fudge is one of my absolute favorite treats.


I got back on the horse (after going to the store for more butter) and re-did almond roca. This time it totally turned out. I figured out that you just can’t stir it too much or you break the sugar apart.


Making good use of our treadmill, we put all the treats together that night. The next couple of days we delivered them to visiting teachees and friends.


Then my family drove down! I tried to think of fun things for us to eat and I saw these little penguins on Pinterest. So we made them! They were easy and fun, and pretty tasty too!


Christmas Eve we read the Christmas story, no re-enactment this year with the kids being just Ryan and me.

IMG_1473 IMG_1475
familytree kynamorning

Christmas morning was great, we got to talk to Kyrk on his mission in San Antonio, Texas. We got to skype with Cody and Ty and Kelli.


I know my house is not the most comfortable for guests, but I loved having my family here. It was so much fun to hang out and relax, eat good food and just be lazy together. Especially my dad. He’s so great and when we’re at their house he’s so busy he never gets a chance to relax, so I hope he did while he was here.


My parents went to pick up my nephew when Ty and Kelli were heading out for the trip of a lifetime to visit Ty’s mission in Guatemala. While he was here my mom and I accidentally wore the exact same outfit. 🙂 I guess she raised me well.


It was fun to hang out with my baby brother. Who isn’t so much like a baby anymore. He’s huge. And I think he’s not done growing. He’s also pretty cool too. It’s fun to be able to hang out and like similar things — although I’m not into Skyrim quite yet. 🙂

IMG_1486 IMG_1487

While they were here we had my Uncle Craig and Aunt Liz and their kids over for dinner. It was a tight squeeze but we made it!

The entire holiday was a great success!

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"So, this is Christmas…"

2 weeks of pure bliss. Washington hasn’t been my home for almost 10 years now. But I still consider every vacation that I take there, “going home”.It might be because of this cute, tired face I see on Christmas mornings in Washington.
Or because on lazy afternoons I can go into the living room on Heavenly Lane (really, that’s my parent’s street) and find this.
The dinner tables are full of faces like these in Washington at Christmas time.
If you head out to the shed on Christmas morning, you might catch these lovebirds, but only if you’re in Washington.
This guy, who really is SOO tall, is still in Washington. But only for another year!
I get to sit in comfortable chairs in the pre-dawn hours and watch my family open presents.
And later, I get to put my feet up. Literally.
When the relaxing is done, I get to make him work. Or pretend to.
First thing I did on the New Year? Go on a motorcycle ride with my Dad. Awesome and frigid way to bring in 2011!
Mainly awesome because my dad is hilarious. Ask him sometime about blaming things on little girls.
It was a Merry, Merry Christmas in Washington and I’m so glad I could go!

P.S. Missed these lovebirds, but loved talking to them over the vacation! They got to be all warm and toasty in Las Vegas while we froze… in Washington. 🙂

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