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A best friend’s wedding

I’ve been lucky enough to go to all of my college roommate’s weddings. The most recent one was for Cami, a girl who is as different from me as our hometowns. She grew up outside of L.A. I grew up in the country, Moses Lake, WA to Sundance, WY.

In the end, I think it’s our differences that have made us such great friends. And I was so happy to see her celebrate her special day.

She met a great guy and in November they decided to tie the knot. The got married Nov. 17 and so I got to spend my birthday in some what warm southern California, decorating and finishing up last minute details for her reception the next day.


Even in November they had fantastic weather and a beautiful sealing. I absolutely approve of her husband, Devan is thoughtful and considerate and makes Cami so happy.


I’m so glad I got to be there.


One of the best parts of the weekend was getting to hang out with my good friend, Mara. She was also on our freshman floor in Deseret Towers and I’m so glad we’re still friends 10 years later!! We’re actually planning a reunion for next summer for all the freshman girls!


Happy Wedding, Cami and Devan!

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Arizona Trip

I’ve accomplished one of my 2012 New Year’s Resolutions: visit an old friend.

This past weekend my BYU girls, my freshman roommates and forever friends got together to do a reunion.

The last time we were together was 4 years ago in Washington when we surprised Miriam when she got home from her mission.

This year we went to Tucson, AZ to visit Brenda’s stomping grounds.

We spent the entire weekend shopping, eating, pigging out on sugar, talking, laughing, hot tubbing and catching up.

Here’s some pictures of the weekend! I’m so glad we did this and I can’t wait until the next one… we’re shooting for 2016!

AZ trip 4
Elaine, Cami and me hanging out in the back of Brenda’s car.

Elaine, me and Miriam flew down from Utah to save ourselves the drive.

Me and Brenda getting our pedicures… everyone got one, we just got into the chairs fastest!

Elaine and Miriam on the bus ride we ended up getting for free after I sweet talked the driver.

Miriam might hate that I posted this picture, but I loved it. I think Miriam is imitating Honey Boo Boo Child. Which if you haven’t seen yet- you have to watch it.

I’m so grateful for good friends that take time out of their busy schedules to get together!

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